Bai Tho mountain

Bai Tho mountain
It would really be a pity if you go to Halong city without paying a visit to Bai Tho mountain. In Ha Long Bay, people often think about Halong Bay – one of the world’s natural wonders full of white sand beach and delicious seafood, travelers can kayak, travel by bamboo boats or cruise ships to explore the beauty of the islands, caves and unspoiled beaches, yet to have a panoramic view of this world heritage site, one should not miss Bai Tho Mountain (Poem Mountain)
Bai Tho Mountain is a hill. The path leading to the only 200-metre-high mount is located in Hang Noi Street of Ha Long City. The trek, which may take half an hour, is pretty easy.

On reaching the top, the scenic view of Ha Long City and the bay are breathtaking. One sees small islands dotting the bay. Rocks come in a range of shapes and sizes, some looking like dragons descending to the bay. A resident told me that it is from here that one understands why this bay was named Ha Long (Descending Dragon).

"There are not many places where we can take such a good panoramic view of the whole of Ha Long city like this. This is one of the beautiful and attractive scenes, the destination for those who prefer a little bit adventure and exploring the Halong city by the bay from a very different vision, to admire the fullest immense majestic beauty of Halong Bay"

The ideal time to climb the mountain is early morning or late afternoon, 4.30am or 4pm. Ha Long City is at its best in the dawn or twilight that color the city. While Bai Tho Mountain attracts travelers for its scenic view, its name also reveals interesting stories.

Bai Tho (Poem) Mountain was once named Roi Den (Illuminating) or Truyen Dang (Light Transmitting Mountain). It is said that in old times, when the guards on the mountain saw enemies nearing, they would burn a torch to signal the royal palace - hence the name Truyen Dang.

In 1468, when King Le Thanh Tong led a patrol in the northeastern region, they stopped at the foot of the mountain to have a rest and discuss literature and poems. Moved by the poetic scenery, the king carved a poem in a mountain rock to praise the beauty of this area.

The carving is now faded, yet it was fortunate that the poem was recorded in old books and subsequently gave the mountain the current name, "Poem Mountain".

To get there, one catches a bus to the crossroad of Cao Xanh and Loong Toong streets near Bai Chay Bridge and takes a taxi or motorbike taxi to the foot of Bai Tho Mountain

The path leading up starts at 104A Le Thanh Tong Street and is open from 5.30am to 7pm. One can also trek to the top by a path on Long Tien Street, near Long Tien Pagoda.

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