Best way to get to Halong bay from Cat Ba island

Best way to get to Halong bay from Cat Ba island
Which is the best way to get to Halong bay from Cat Ba island? This article will give you some suggestions.

Over the past few years, cruise ships from Hai Phong traveling to Halong bay would be investigated by Quang Ninh province's forces. Travelers who would like to visit the cave, the islands of Ha Long Bay has the only way of getting to Quang Ninh territory in order to visit Halong bay. Many travel businesses are upset as they cannot take guests from Lan Ha Bay in Cat Ba island to Ha Long Bay.

The most convenient and secure way to help travelers easily travel from Cat Ba to Ha Long is by ferry or speedboat. Thus, one of the problems is if travelers start their tour from a Cat Ba cruise ship will not be to allowed to go to Ha Long. The question is which option is available if visitors want to go to Cat Ba to Halong?

To move from Cat Ba to Ha Long Bay in the most convenient way, visitors can take the ferry from the Gia Luan port of Cat Ba island to Tuan Chau island through Ha Long Bay.

Cat Ba - Tuan Chau ferry: This is the most important and fastest waterway. Each day, there are 5-7 ferries, operating at about 45 minutes per trip. The ferry is fully equipped with life-saving facilities, fire-fighting, medical and land communications in accordance with the standard ferry.

With a capacity of 200 passengers each time, carrying at the same time 25 cars of all kinds from 4 - 50 seaters. The difference and most convenient when taking this ferry is that you have to get on a single ferry so the time is shortened 45 to 60 minutes compared to the other ferries, only 1 hour. This time factor saves visitors getting tired, thus increasing the time to visit Cat Ba from Tuan Chau or vice versa.

In addition to saving time, what makes visitors feel excited when choosing the ferry is a panoramic view of Bai Chay Bridge, Ba Hang fishing village, Fighting cock islet, Gia Luan fishery place. Along with the wonderful scenery, pleasant fresh air, on way from Gia Luan ferry to Cat Ba center, tourists will be passing Hoa Cuong cave, Cat Ba national park, Hospital cave...
Below is the fares for Tuan Chau - Cat Ba ferry:

Schedule of Tuan Chau - Cat Ba ferry is fixed in time frame before April 30 and after April 30 as the National Holiday
- From April 30 to September 30:
� Cat Ba - Tuan Chau: 9h00, 11h30, 13h00, 15h00, 16h00.
� Tuan Chau - Cat Ba: 7h30, 9h00, 11h30, 13h30, 15h00.

From 1 October to 29 April:
� Cat Ba - Tuan Chau: 9h00, 13h00, 16h00.
� Tuan Chau - Cat Ba: 7h30, 11h30, 15h00.

Note: If you travel in high domestic season from May to August ferry is very busy and you have to wait long, it would be much faster if you go without a car, if you go by car you must go early and wait in the car line. If you come late you will have to wait 1 or 2 ferries.

High speed boat Good Morning Cat Ba: The high speed boat operates on the route Bai Chay - Tuan Chau - Gia Luan - Cat Ba Town is one of the options chosen by the groups as the cost is 180,000 VND per person (maximum of 13 passengers a trip).

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